Sparkling Ice Tea

Yuzu Lemon Ice Tea


330ml x 12 CARTON

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Our teas are harvested in the Daintree region of Far North Queensland. Combining premium Australian fruits to the brewing process gives us a sophisticated, refreshing Sparkling ICE TEA with real fruit flavour.

Yuzu Lemon & Daintree Black Tea

Our refreshing Yuzu Lemon Ice Tea is bound to be a crowd favourite. Expect a balanced flavour profile of sweetness and tartness from the Yuzu, Lemons and Black Tea. A true thirst quencher.

Authentically Brewed

Natural Antioxidants & L-Theanine

2g Sugar From Fruit

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated water, black tea, lemon juice, yuzu juice, apple juice, natural flavours, plant based erythritol, organic apple cider vinegar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I really like these lemon iced teas but yuzu label not necessary

It’s either lemon or yuzu. Mixing the two confuses the flavour profile. But otherwise, these are refreshing and nice for those who aren’t into overly sweet drinks.

Doesn’t really taste of yuzu

This one seemed sweeter than the others and definitely wasn’t as refreshing, it was more lemon than actual yuzu flavour, and I love the other citrus drinks like the tangerine and grapefruit.

Elliott Shadforth
Lovely drop!

Yuzu is all the range and this is a quality drop.

Just right

I stopped drinking soft drinks when I found out I had diabetes, about 25 years ago. I experimented with ice teas, milk based drinks and "diet" drinks. For me it was a waste of money and time, bitter tastes left after, feeling bolted and feeling like I was drinking chemicals. Because I knew every thing about Ice Tea i wouldn't touch them. I stuck with Kreol Passionfruit, blood orange and Tangerine. Then bliss, I was push to try Kreol Teas. For me Yuzu is the right amount of Lemon without being too bitter. It just tastes great.

Best ice tea, and sparkling to boot

I devour those like there's no tomorrow. I loved ice tea but this has an interesting tangy twist to it, and it's carbonated to perfection.
Highly recommended!

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