Kreol is a range of innovative, functional beverages containing enhanced natural benefit. Made with real ingredients to help support digestive and immune health with every sip.

Other than being absolutely delicious, convenient and good for you. We use 100% all-natural ingredients including locally sourced Australian fruit.

Kreol has the added benefit of being rich in nutrients and plant based fibre, creating the perfect combination of taste and function.

Kreol is non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten free. Does not contain any artificial flavor, preservatives or colours.

1. We do not ferment using sugar or tea
2. Our drinks do not contain any caffeine, as tea is not used as a base
3. Does not contain wild yeasts
4. Our Prebiotic range has 4g of beneficial fibre and our Antioxidant range is enhanced with 400mg of powerful antioxidants.
5. No traces of Alcohol

Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in our gut, helping them to grow and multiply. We believe in enhancing what is already there, prebiotics do this by feeding and multiplying the trillions of good bacteria that already exist in our gut.

Good gut bacteria (probiotics) supports food processing in the gut, and keeps our digestive system clean and efficient

Kreol has a huge emphasis on taste. The real fruit used in Kreol provides the 2 grams of natural sugar.

A ‘zero sugar’ product has zero fruit and we believe that real flavour has to start with real fruit.

One of Kreol’s ingredients is a natural birch Xylitol. This product acts as a natural sweetener, it’s made from the bark of the birch tree in Finland and has been shown in recent studies to be as effective as prebiotic supporting gut flora.

We’ve gone the extra mile to brew our product using the finest fruits from around Australia, we’ve also added micronutrients and plant fibres that much prefer to be stored chilled for longevity.