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Please don't stop making this

This is the BEST flavour, please continue to make it.

The taste of summer in the middle of winter

Wow - absolutely love the refreshing flavour of your new drink!

Bloody Good Oranges

I was amazed at the taste of Blood Orange when back in April 2023 when I first discovered Kreol. Now 9 orders and 42 dozen cans of Kreol later I am still amazed at the taste. So much so I have select at least a dozen Blood Orange on every order.

Pineapple sling

Great flavour really enjoy. Love pineapple.

So tasty love it ❤️

Pineapple Sling is so tasty and refreshing. I didn’t expect it to taste so good. Love it 🥰


I have always loved a pineapple fizzy drink but this is by far the best! Absolutely delicious 😋

Refreshing drinks

I was very surprised how refreshing and tasty these drinks were. No sugar apart from the fruit itself was the great taste. I enjoyed that due to no sugar that I was able to give some to my children. A big thumbs up from them and me!

Pineapple Sling

This one is a great new flavour

Perfect Pineapple

Fantastic flavour by far my favourite very refreshing

Like the drinks don't like the black top

Pineapple 🍍 sling

I love all the different flavours and this one is just as good.


This was quite a surprise. I found it to be really flavourful and helps me get ease my soda cravings. The taste is very smooth and not sour at all

Mixed 24 Pack
Kerry Chapman - Owner of Dragon Fly Bath & Body Massage and Aromatherapy Business in Narangba QLD
Love the flavours

Love the flavours... all except one passionfruit and orange. When you open the can and smell the stunning passiofruit scent with the bubbles. Taste and after taste hubby and l agree not a winner on our list.

Best flavour yet

Didn't think they'd top the cherry flavour, but this one is epic

Queen Peach Ice Tea
Lee-anne Knight
Totally addicted

I love all of the Kreol flavours, but the Peach Tea is hands down my fave.

Ginger Lime
Margot Taylor
Love Kreol...

I "Let the Kreol In" and I am so happy I did!! I love all 4 flavours in my first order - very refreshing and guilt free...although I believe a little splash of gin or vodka goes well here and there so might give that a try! Great drink for Queensland summer :):):) and thank you for the free delivery. Lovely presentation too so cheers and all the best, it is a wonderful product.

Spicy Margarita Limited Edition
Cherie Lund
Spicy Margarita

Absolutely delicious, pity this one is a limited edition

Spicy Margarita Limited Edition
Jace Hill
Hopefully a permanent flavour

I was working on a jobsite and got given one of these out the fridge, a week later i ordered a whole box, easily the best flavour of the range & ill be a repeat customer if this stays in the range for sure.


Tangy Tangerine! Delicious

I really enjoy this citrus flavour. I wasn’t sure I would but I love it!! Great flavour and lovely bubbles, another winner


I haven’t tried a flavour I don’t like!! This combination of raspberries and lime is great. Lovely fizz and great flavour

Another delicious taste sensation

Passionfruit on or in anything is a winner as far as I am concerned and this Combination doesn’t disappoint! Winner!


Adore this flavour! Lovely citrus taste. Definitely recommend you try it!

Spicy Margarita Limited Edition
Caroline F
My New Favourite

A great non alcoholic alternative with just the right amount of spice. Hope this one stays in the range.

I love this product on my third box now.