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Mango & Lime
Richelle Bukey
Not the best

This tasted nothing like Mango or lime, but kind of like grass. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn't enjoyable


First time trying Iced Tea & I'm hooked.

So refreshing

No Coke Zero

Got me off the zero. Very good taste. Excellent job

A Family Favourite

My family of 5, including 3 teenagers, were skeptical before trying this, but Pineapple, Jalapeño & Lime is now the family favourite! We love the flavour combination; the jalapeño isn't too strong, and gives this drink it's unique and refreshing flavour. A true winner! We also love that it's a tasty drink without all the sugar of other carbonated drinks, and made in Australia! Thanks Kreol.

Great tasting!

Excellent flavour with an enjoyable kick from the Jalapeño!

Amazing 🤩

Honestly a game changer..

From great to good

Loved the first sample order of pineapple and jalapeno, it had a nice refreshing and sophisticated bite. My second order though totally lacks that bite. I'm more than 6 cans into the second order and they are all the same. Very disappointing. Is this a one-off QA issue or a deliberate change. If so I won't order it again, much prefer the lime & ginger, it still has some bite.


The Kreol Sour Cherry is my go-to bubbly for this summer. It’s distinctively cherry, refreshing, bubbly, and pretty festive too. And it’s healthy, even for diabetics. It’s the drink I didn’t know I was looking for.

Mixed 24 Pack
Paola Davis
Mixed case

I would like to be able to vary the flavours in the mixed case.


I’m hooked

Best ice tea, and sparkling to boot

I devour those like there's no tomorrow. I loved ice tea but this has an interesting tangy twist to it, and it's carbonated to perfection.
Highly recommended!


Absolutely delicious perfect on a hot day day. Very refreshing.


Bought a mixed bundle but the ruby grapefruit is a definite favourite!

Tasty but not much flavour

In no means are these not amazing. But I feel like they could deliver more flavour. Has almost a vinegar taste that takes over from any cherry.

Ginger Lime
Darren Pollard
Crisp & Fresh

My consistent favourite flavour. Quenches the thirst in the morning and hydrating after a workout. It accompanies every meal.

Elizabeth Keys
Mandarine madness

Like eating a mandarine with bubbles
Kreol is genius

Blood Orange
Elizabeth Keys
Bloody Good

Blood orange is the da bomb
Extra that it is full of benefits too

My favourite!

Great taste. Very refreshing. I have to hide it from my family so I don't miss out!


It’s been a real treat, discovering the wonderful flavours Kreol makes. I’ve reordered!

An old favourite

The first flavour I tried and still top of my list. So much better than some of the super sweet offerings on the market

Ginger Lime
Peter Green
Dry & Refreshing

Lovely crisp dry taste. Great on its own or as a mixer with your favourite sprit.

Raspberry & Lime
Peter Green
Fabulous Taste

Bright and sparkiling taste. Hard to believe there is so little sugar in it.

Ruby Grapefruit
Peter Green
Great Fresh Flavour

Excellent fresh taste with none of the chemical aftertatste you get from other zero sugar drinks


I love this drink. Great combination of flavours and so refreshing its perfect.