Brittany Darling is an award winning Clinical Accredited Nutritionist and Western Herbalist with 12+ years experience and is a mum of two. Brittany has a special interest in the areas of fertility, prenatal and postnatal, and paediatric nutrition. 

Brittany has been a loyal customer for two years. We caught up with her to talk all things Kréol. 

Q1: Why do you enjoy drinking Kréol?
I don't like sweet drinks and I find many kombucha’s too sweet and make me bloated. I’m completely obsessed with the blood orange flavour. 

Q2: Why do you feel antioxidants are important?
We know that our food today isn’t as good as back in our grandparents day. Antioxidant status in foods has undoubtedly declined. The added antioxidants help me justify drinking Kréol over red wine (which I know isn’t as good for me!). 

I am totally obsessed with Kreol. Its my mid week go-to when I'm trying to be good.