The healthy, happy refreshment for any occasion. 

We’ve found a way to bring our vision to life: It’s about making people feel good and thinking differently to achieve the impossible for our customers. We create drinks made from REAL ingredients, that’s the heart of the Kréol difference.

We are redefining the Australian drinks market by crafting a new age sparkling drink for any occasion. Made with real fruit for real taste and infused with natural vitamin C for added benefits.

Real Ingredients
We source premium fruit from around Australia's leading growing regions, ensuring we deliver the highest quality products that are good for you and our planet. We craft every batch of Kréol in our own Melbourne facility to guarantee a perfect natural ingredient balance. 

Real Health Benefits
We are committed to delivering a low sugar, low calorie, nutrient and antioxidant rich product. We believe that Australian fridges should be full of drinks made from real ingredients, that provide a healthy alternative and taste amazing.

Really Great Taste
Sourcing real Australian fruit allows us to provide drinks that are bursting with delicious flavour profiles that we all know and love. Avoiding artificial flavours and sweeteners, we're here to prove that healthy alternatives can taste amazing. It's our mission to do things differently, do things better.

Let The Kréol Inand we'll prove how much happier you'll be.