Hear from Chloe & Drew

The Dynamic Duo behind Kréol’s Flavour Revolution

Here at Kréol, we're not just crafting drinks; we're cultivating experiences. Our passion lies in exploring the uncharted territories of flavour, constantly pushing boundaries, and redefining the art of mixology. Handcrafted with locally sourced Aussie ingredients, each sip of our creations promises an unparalleled taste journey.

Our latest masterpiece, the Spicy Margarita, embodies the essence of innovation. Infused with a tantalising blend of spicy chilli and the succulent flavours of Aussie fruits, it's a symphony of heat and refreshment, a celebration of summer in every sip. Whether you're craving a non-alcoholic delight or a flavorful escape, our Spicy Marg delivers the perfect balance.

From cocktail enthusiasts, to those in search of non-alcoholic alternatives, or simply seeking a healthier sparkling refreshment to enjoy with family and friends, there's something for everyone in our diverse lineup. It's about making people feel good, providing a sense of escape, transporting them to a world of flavour and delight with each sip.

Join us on this flavour adventure as we continue to surprise, excite, and delight. Cheers to innovation, cheers to exploration, and cheers to you!