Kréol was born out of a curiosity to live well, and a shared passion to create an on-the-go drink that is actually good for you. 

The seed was planted many years ago, when Andrew picked up a book on gut health and holistic diets while on a surfing trip through France. Realising there was a serious lack of high quality, delicious and simple functional beverages in Australia, he got to work researching ancient Caribbean recipes, and developing the drink we have today. Soon enough, Kréol was a regular at cafés, special occasions and in fridges all over the country, with more and more Australians looking for a clean and honest impulse beverage that tastes really, really good.

Here at Kréol, we believe in the power of natural, plant-based nutrition, and we don’t see why it can’t be crammed into a 330ml bottle. Every sip of our Sparkling Prebiotic Drinks and Sparkling Probiotic Drinks is packed with the goodness of prebiotics and probiotics that make your gut happy, and your mind happy too. Our not-so-secret secret recipes never feature any of the bad stuff you usually find in impulse drinks: we never add sugar, use preservatives or include anything that is not real food. Keeping it local is important too; we handcraft, small batch brew and bottle all of our drinks in Victoria, Australia.  

We are on a mission to create a healthier, happier movement with every bottle of Kréol. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Chloe and Andrew Rush

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